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My #2 Sketch

Hello people🙋 welcome back to my Sketch number 2😄💜💐

Yesterday I posted my first sketch, if havn’t seen it yet go through this link below :

Theme of this sketch: Indo-Western Look💛

Its digital painting

Do like👍 and let me know in the comments about this indo-western look🌼🙌🌼 would love to read your comments😄

See you soon in my next post till then take care everybody🙋😁

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My #1 Sketch

Hello🙋 to all my lovely followers and viewers. Hope everyone is doing great. As mentioned in my previous Behind the blogger📝 post I am up with my 1st sketch as promised😄

This was the first sketch which I had done in the year 2017 on 16th of July.

This is the same sketch which is above but I thought why not to paint it??? A sketch with colours would look even more beautiful. Hence I gave it a try to paint it digitally. I completed this digital painting in the month of June during my vacations.

Do like👍, share and let me know in the comments💬 about your views on this sketch and its digital painting, would love to read them😁💜

See you soon in my next post🙌 till then Take care everyone💐🌼

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Behind the blogger nomination📝

Hello people🙌 Hope you all are doing great. Firstly I would like to thanks a lot to sir jesusluvsall for nominating me the Behind the Blogger.

Quickly first go and follow him, he writes amazing posts.

Since I have started blogging this is my first ever nomination so thank you so much again sir for for this nomination and also for liking my posts.

The Rules are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer all the questions down below.
  3. Pingback to the creator: Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx.
  4. Nominate 5+ bloggers you’d like to know more about, to do this tag.

My answers to the following questions….

  • Why did you start blogging and why have you kept blogging?

Answer: I started blogging from this year i.e. 2019 from 22nd of July. Currently I have 222 followers all thanks to my dear viewers for encouraging and supporting me. I always had this habit of writing down all my beautiful, happy, celebratory sometimes extremely sad, nervous, heartbreak moments, whenever writing it down was not possible I used to share my whole day’s events to my mom, then I thought why not to express my thoughts to many people as well and lets see how many people are being able to relate themselves to my thought process. Hence I starting blogging. But chit chatting with my mom will still continue😂. I like to share my thoughts and I love when my viewers reciprocate to my posts through comments.

  • What is your favorite type of blog post to write?

Answer: I mostly like to write about all the possible random events, emotions, feeling, expressions which one may think, feel or come across on a daily basis, one’s perspective. Some thoughts which may be ignored or never given a thought about it. How can one act, react or express one self in a situation. All conditions which one may face in one’s life.

  • What are your Top Three favorite blog posts?


To do it or not to do it that is the question

Whats next in the store???

Y always me God???

These are my three favourite blog posts.

**Notice for my viewers: (There is another interesting post coming up soon stay tuned)**

  • What are some of your favorite things to do to relax?

Answer: Reading novels especially all shakespeare’s novels, listening to music, watching movies, evening strolls in the garden.

  • What are three of your favorite things?

Answer: My novels📚, wordpress🙌, my engineering books😂

  • What are your proudest blogging moments?

Answer: When my viewers actually start getting that connect or maybe what I actually want to convey through my posts. Also my 1st century (100 followers) and also a quick 2nd century how can I forget that day😍😍

  • What are your hobbies outside of blogging?

Answer: Reading, sketching

  • Describe your personality in three words.

Answer: A caring person having a lot of patience and is always straight forward.

  • What are your top three pet peeves?


  1. People who always like to pretend that they are good to you.
  2. People who unnecessarily sit and gossip thats it
  • What’s something your followers don’t know about you?

Answer: I love programming in java language. In my leisure time or i would say especially during my summer vacation I love to do sketching and digital painting. If you all would love to see my sketches do let me know in the comments 💬 below.

My nominees are:

It would be great if you all would participate, I would love to know about you all through this small questionaire session this would actually help me out to connect with you all in a better way-

Actually this list is endless I would say because there are so many beautiful writers whom I have followed, to name a few is actually a bit difficult for me😅

Anyone else who wishes to add on their names to the list let me know in the comments💬

Take care everyone🙌 Keep smiling😁

See you all soon in my next post🙋💐

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Y always me god???

Hello readers🙋!!! Hope you all are doing great. I am up with my next post.

Would like to start this post by asking you all a question that –

Have you ever felt targeted??? or would rather say have you ever been surrounded by many problems at one time. How many of you have encountered this situation so far???

I suppose this is the exact way we ask for help when we feel hopeless sometimes right???

First let us understand who is this special person whom most of the mob addresses to when facing a terrible situation….

He is God : a holy mighty spirit whom we humans worship and believe in.

For some it may be a ritual or custom which is been followed from their ancesters of worshipping god, for some it maybe a inner faith or belief for some he maybe a holy human.

Lets try to depict this scenario in a pictorial form…..

Ohh lord!!! Y is this happening with me 😕

The only ray of hope 🌄 when all the doors seems to have shut

God’s magical hand

We generally tend to take his name when we are in a difficult or maybe a terrible situation. Don’t you think so??? There maybe very less chances of taking up his name when we are contented.

Ever have you landed up to such a situation where you end up crying cursing your own fate saying that y is this happening to me??? Talking in anger to god.
I am sure till date you must have thought about this or must have said this to yourself right na??? Normally this statement we say out of anger, irritation or when we are disturbed or maybe sometimes when we keep on facing some or the other difficult situation continuously and we are unable to keep our mind stable.

We generally tend to take his name when we are in a difficult or maybe a terrible situation. Don’t you think so??? There maybe very less chances of taking up his name when we are contented.

Ever have you landed up to such a situation where you end up crying cursing your own fate saying that y is this happening to me??? Talking in anger to god.
I am sure till date you must have thought about this or must have said this to yourself right na??? Normally this statement we say out of anger, irritation or when we are disturbed or maybe sometimes when we keep on facing some or the other difficult situation continuously and we are unable to keep our mind stable.

You generally start feeling restless, get hyped up very often, involuntary tears, maybe start screaming or on somedays you might feel like punching someone’s face.

See one thing always remember –
When you havn’t done a bad deed or done anything ill to anybody on purpose, nothing is gonna happen to you its just that your bad days are going on for now, which would end up soon dont worry.

Try to cheer up yourself everytime.

One may think that y only the people who are good are tested more by god. Its actually not the case, both good and bad people are equal tested on same grounds.

This process goes on untill we return to dust and this is how life is….

I would say just believe in yourself, just give yourself some time, i am sure some or the other time or day you would surely come out of that situation and will be able to breath freely, just keep calm let time heal everything, just having a little bit of patience would surely help you to come out of the mess.

Remember, there is always some or the other positivity to each and every situation that we face in our life, its just a few steps away from us, whom we are ignoring presently, as we are just trying to focus on all the negative side of the situation and trust me its all in our hands.

In short I would say just think positive 🙌

I have faced some situations where I have ended up asking myself this question many a times till date. How many of you have asked this question to yourself 🙋 let me know in the comment section below💬.

Thanks for reading my blog my dear viewers.

Do like👍, share and comment 💬. See you soon in my next post.

Take care everybody🙌🌻 Happy weekend😄💐

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My 1st century story…. celebration time😄


Thank you thank you so much my dear readers❤💐. I am very very glad😄, my happiness is to the power infinity 😇😇. Never thought of such a fast 100, it has all become possible because of your love and support my dear viewers. Thank you so much for encouraging me.

Thanks to each and every one of you, for your loving and supporting comments.

Yesterday early morning when I woke up I got this notification that I have received 100+ followers for my blog.

100 admirers wow!!!😍😍 I was so so much happy. My level of excitement at that moment was unexpressable.

I had posted my first blog on 22nd of July this year. I remember how beautiful, warm and welcoming comments I had received from everyone. It really did motivate me a lot. I still remember how I had seriously started jumping out of joy💃💃😂 on receiving the very first like on my post and my first follower.

Thanks to all my followers, the people who commented on my posts and to the people who liked my post and encouraged me.

Now just waiting for another century😉😄…..

There are a lot more beautiful…. motivating….thought provoking posts coming up stay tuned.

Let me know in the comment 💬 section below that what was your first reaction when you received 100 followers.

Keep liking👍, sharing and commenting💬 as I always say your comments and thoughts will always be welcomed with open heart.

Once again thanks a lot each and everyone of you.

See you soon in my next blog 🙌 untill then take care everyone.

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Whats next in the store????

Hello people🙋!!! Hope you all are going great.

Thanks to all my viewers for your love for my previous post. If you are a new viewer then firstly a very hearty welcome to my journey and secondly you guys have a task quickly go through this link below –

This is the link of my previous post.

It is a short post describing all about the word decision.

My current post is somewhat linked to this previous one that is why you guys have this task. Do complete your task my dear viewers.

Ok people!! Now as you have gone through my previous blog, all set for your next step??? So now when you have made up your mind and taken a decision, what should be your next step after this tell me???

Just making a decision and not acting or working towards it does not end ones duties.

This last word – ‘duty‘ don’t you think sounds to be some what related to decision?? First lets understand the synonym of duty…..

According to the dictionary it is responsibility.

Don’t you think this should be ones apt answer for the question above and also the very next step after taking up a decision???

Let me first tell you how I describe this word in my way….

Lets first split up this word into two parts-

Response + Ability = Responsibility

According to me “Responsibility” means….

Giving response to the atmost of our abilities for a decision taken

This is my way of defining the word responsibility.

How many of you agree to this???Tell me in the comment💬 section below👇

What so ever may be the consequences one must atleast give it a try instead of jumping to conclusions that no no please I wont be able to continue with this or any sort of lame or mere excuses in order to escape the task. Why should one be scared???

Stop pre assuming my dear nothing negative is gonna happen. First of all stop overthinking. Always think positive and hope for the best to happen.

Always remember this fact that receiving a participation certificate is given much more importance and well appreciated then just receiving nothing by not taking part in any of the events.

Just simply trying to flee from your duties shows how coward one can be. Why to run away dear??? Atleast give it a try may be the situations would be as such that the ball is in your court and you are able to score a goal and come out gracefully, for which you yourself will be proud of.

Running away will actually be foolishness, you will gain nothing out of it except for a couple of minutes of contentment that yes I am out of this burden that’s it nothing else beyond that. See some or the other day you have to face it.

Try to grab that opportunity instead, see its simple just give your self a push take a deep breath as I always say follow what your heart says, you surely will be able to complete your duty beautifully.

Always think that you are the lucky one whom God has chosen for this task, say this to your self that –

“Yes I am the one!!! I have the caliber of completing this task”

Always have faith in yourself. Thus everthing will go smoothly, trust me. Never ever give up.

See once taken up a task do complete it properly, manage your time and give your best. One day you will surely become a master in task management, thus this will automatically start reflecting that how responsible and faithfull person you are.

The level of responsibility varies from person to person. May it be a toddler, a youngter, a middle aged person or an elderly person.

So heres a small present to all my dear readers from my side, well in advance because I am pretty sure that each and everyone of you are quiet responsible and has that potential of successfully completing your task. Just trust yourself.

Do like👍, share and let me know in the comments 💬 below that how do you describe the word responsibility in your own way and how do you manage your task.

Thanks for reading my blog my dear viewers.

See you soon in my next blog🙌. Untill then take care and happy weekend😄.