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Being real and pretending to be real

Hello people🙌 Hope you all are keeping in good health.

Sooo I think by just reading the title you guys must have somewhat got a rough idea about what topic or mainly which sort of people we are going to discuss about in this post.

Ohh!!! Yes yes you guys are getting it right, you people must have surely come across such category of people and must have noticed that he/she is the only one classmate in your section who is very famous for this or for some of you he/she maybe a member amongst your office colleagues who is the brand ambasador of the butter manufacturing company😂😂 No no dont take the literal meaning of butter, I was just trying to address the buttering kings and queens who always try to flatter someone for their own benefit pretending to be all time goody goody to their bosses.

Just like this😂😂

Just look at the picture carefully do you notice that how properly this picture is trying to depict the real actions of such people.

I would like to give them one small suggestion that pleaseee go back home apply that butter on your bread😂😂 have a healthy breakfast which would hence fill up your stomach thus your brains would function in a proper positive way.

Just look at this innocent kid having bread butter, its simple just the same way you have to do that😂😂

I completely don’t understand such type of people, I mean like how do you all manage to do so???? Just look at them how tactfully they portray themselves to be so pure and real all the time, which they are actually not. Are they all robots or something??? It looks like the circuits in their brain keeps on switching their modes like-

Mode 1 : Super excited active state i.e. most of the time pretending to be real

Mode 0 : Coming to back ground state i.e. is back to originality.

Why dont they just try to be their own self…..

A small message from my side to these type of people listen –

Who is saying them to be perfect instead you can try to be real all the time, people would appreciate that as well.

These people using their small brains actually think that they are doing a very great task, which as a result they are just getting everything very easily. In their whole process the key term hardwork is missing. They think that they have gained success by doing so. But they are highly mistaken I would say, as the ultimate success can only be achieved with hard work and dedication which sadly they are lagging.

Remember this that the people who get things easily also tend to lose it away easily.

Understand and just try to put in that effort which you are unnecessarily wasting it behind such stupid actions instead come out with something creative and thoughtful.

Dont waste your time in being what you are not instead invest your time in being what you are in reality.

Lets consider a small scale example in a general classroom scenario carefully try to listen to this person who constantly keeps on humming and is trying to break the silence of the classroom. Saying yes mam….ohk mam….hmm….yes yes right mam actually their basic motive is to just try to seek attention of the teacher that yes I am over here….look at me mam….I am the only person listening to you and understanding blah blah😂😂

Listen you idiot others are also trying to understand ok, please dont break the silence of the classroom and try to break their focus and concerntration.

I am just saying this on the basis of my personal experience, this is actually reality I would say which we experience in our classrooms definately trying to ignore it right a way.

I am sure many of you will agree to this classroom scenario😂😂

Anywhere and everywhere we can find this sort of people this was just a small example above.

Be what you are na, you do not need to pretend being someone who you are not, or try using all foolish and useless tricks and plans to become successful person in your life.

Sincerity, patience, hard work will always lead us to a peacefully successful and guilt free life.

Love your own self, have faith in what you do.

See temporary happiness, success can never be permanent because its temporary na understand, such a petty thing you are not understanding what man😂😂

Let me know in the comments💬 how far do you all guys agree to this real life situation which you all must have experienced some or the other time till date.

Thanks for reading my blog my dear viewers.

Do like👍, share and comment 💬. See you soon in my next post.

Take care everybody🙌🌻 Happy weekend😄💐

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    1. I have posted my sketches as well as I had mentioned in my nomination post😄🍀
      Let me know which one is better sketch or digital painting😁


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