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Can two people be alike??? Are duplicates seriously possible???

Hello people🙋 hope you all are good. Ok so read the title??? Your reply to that – 👇

Yes why not??? I am pretty sure that duplicates are possible look at my twin sister/brother arn’t we identical??? You might be having a similar answer to this question if you have a twin right??? You guys must be thinking why am I talking about twins, duplicates right??? Keep reading you will gradually understand that what am I trying to relate to.

Yes so back to the topic, see you might be right to some extent but when actually noticed properly two individuals can be similar but not equal or duplicate yes though their facial structure might be similar but their nature would definately vary.

When two individuals from the same family can differ from each other then it is obvious that two individuals from two different family would definately differ.

No two person can be alike, each and everyone has their own personality.

But I dont know why some people still compare two separate individuals stating that both of them have same traits. Its not possible dear, see some one can pretend to be like one, whom you are comparing with or maybe its just the current situation which is making him/her act like that.

This situation mostly happens when you have faced some bad situation or when you get linked with some person who has done and that is why has a bad impact on your mind, after which you eventually start doubting everyone around you.

Just because you had some bad experience with some person in your past that does not mean that you will start comparing and assuming things about the person whom you are currently with.

See….when this word assumption slowly creeps into your relationship either it may be the bond of friendship or love it will tear the bond apart.

It takes years to build a proper sweet bond but it can just take half a second of your life to destroy your peace and happiness of your sweet relationship.

Assumption kills every feeling. It only generates doubts, confusions in one’s life.

Constantly you have that thing in your mind that he/she behaved with me in that manner maybe the person whom I am with right now will do the same thing😅

Gradually we start building up this fear and consider every person to be of that same type. Just try to come out of this shell of fear once, breath in fresh air you will feel better I am sure.

Then out of fear one starts getting irritated soon, tries to stay away from people, talks less, just tries to leave alone for hours.

All of these fear, actions and reactions has a simple solution to it is that why dont you just stop assuming. Its simple. Don’t overthink about anything you are hindering your own beautiful and sweet memories. As it is rightly said that-

Don’t judge a book by its cover

It is so true. Why not to use this simple policy in our life as well and try to be happy. Firstly lets read the book atleast similarly lets interact with the person atleast before just assuming and complexifying things.

Hope you all find it to be relatable. Do like 👍 share and comment💬 down below would love to read them all😄

See you soon in my next post🙌 untill then take care everybody🌻 keep smiling😊