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Common person’s daily routine⏰⏳⌛

Hello people 🙋 hope you all are doing great. So I am up with my next post it explains everyday daily routine of one’s life.

Lets see a pictorial representation of a person’s daily routine. I am sure everyone of you will relate to this.

Ohh no again this alarm is ringing🌇⏰

Finally you decide to get up, though unwillingly but you have to get up.

Taking a 5 to 10 mins nap just in sitting position😂😂

Finally you get up😂

Getting ready for the day🚽🚿💄👕👖👠💼

For some breakfast done or maybe half done or even sometimes one skips breakfast in haste🍎🍏🍞🍳🍴

Off to office for elders and for students off to college🚌🚈 Sometimes we also get stuck in traffic wasting most of our time🚥🚦🚗

Hectic work whole day in office, 6 to 8 hours studying in college📚📖📋📊📈

All tired returning home🌆

Completing homework📋 for students or finishing any pending task at work, checking mails 📩 etc for a working person.

Having dinner🍛🍲🍚🍴 using phone for sometime 📱 and then dozing off to sleep😪

This is how our whole day ends and we look forward to the next day.

Hence this cycle keeps on repeating every following day except for weekends I would say😂😂 but not the same case in a students life.

You all must have noticed that-

Free time, family time, exercise, me time that is time for our own self all goes missing amids all this hectic hours. We sometimes don’t even understand how our each and every hour passes by.

It actually looks as if we are living a robotic life. Everytime we miss out on our me time. Do you all agree to this let me know in comments💬 below. Whether your life is hectic or way more fun loving let me know in the comments below💬

Thanks for reading my blog my dear viewers.

Do like👍, share and comment 💬. See you soon in my next post.

Take care everybody🙌🌻 Happy weekend😄💐

16 thoughts on “Common person’s daily routine⏰⏳⌛

  1. & what about rest of the people? I mean what about those who is not a common person? Just kidding really nice share… We all are Common Person – distinguished by face/soul/nature that’s all.

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