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When people start portraying this reptile’s character

Yes by the word reptile I was actually try to point out at chameleons😂😂. Not trying to disown this little living creature, but actually you know what this is very true that people have gradually started portraying chameleon like characteristics. Don’t you agree to this fact??? As in how a chameleon keeps on changing its body colour in accordance to the situation or object surrounding it. In same ways people have imbibed this feature from this reptile.

But this innocent reptile changes its body colour in order to protect itself from other bigger animals in terms of size and shape from being eaten away or maybe sometimes in search of its prey it does so.

Trying to protect itself

Prey spotted!!! Feasting on its tasty lunch😂😂

This reptile changes its colour cause it has some purpose behind that but what about human beings why do they behave like that????

People have started becoming more selfish than selfless. I am not saying you to be all time selfless you have to sometimes be selfish as well ‘only sometimes’ in order to survive in this society otherwise every next person would start taking advantage of your goodness. This factor if given a thought for once is really becoming true day by day. We ourselves are being surrounded by so many ‘fakeness overloaded’ sort of people.

That genuine honestly, care is slowly being over shadowed by counterfeit emotions and expression.

You may never know in which situation one may start reacting in a totally abnormal way in comparison with the rest of the days. Then you start wondering that why is he/she behaving in that manner, I mean like why??? Maybe he/she was actually like this and this character of his/her was kind of opaque to me since so long.

People nowadays change their moods like seasons actually😂😂 like sometimes summer….sometimes winter….sometimes rainy….fall and spring, but not following a proper sequence one after the other. Even seasons have stop following the sequence its anytime rainy and summer season nowadays😂😂. Keeping jokes aside.

But actually this has become the fact of our life those too goody goody people around you can someday turn into a devil or a monster who pretending(masked man) to be your closer one but actually isn’t.

Well this proverb is quiet a famous one, but people have actually understood this proverb in a wrong way. Why was it told to keep your enemies closer because those are the ones who would actually try to highlight your bad points or flaws and when figured out about this we can actually try to overcome our mistakes. Enemies have started doing this in the other way round they are trying to be your called ‘good friends’ win over your trust and take your advantage.

In the first situation

The enemy was unaware that she/he is doing someone’s good in a way by pointing out, but…..

In the second situation

The enemy is aware that he/she is present in your life for no good.

Such a messed up situation this is 😥😥

On screen

Behind the screen

This is actually how our current life scenario has become.

Whom to trust is actually becoming difficult nowadays…..

You may never know that when, where, how those snakes are trying to pull you in their trap.

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