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Friends or Foes????

A friend in need is a friend indeed truly is a very beautiful proverb isn’t it??? But, I guess this proverb is day by day deteriorating its value I think so…..I don’t how far will you all agree to this but I am sure some of them will do.

A beautiful bond of trust, honesty, faith, mutual liking, sharing, caring all together these qualities makes a perfect friend.

A ray of hope which is always intact under what so ever reason, a buddy with whom you can share every bit of your life’s happenings. A person who is always the next person on your priority list after our family. For some they are also considered to be as an important part of their family.

This used to be the purity of friendship before.

All this is what defines the word friend and the beautiful relation which we share with that person is termed as friendship.

There is no category as such as when it comes to friendship….it can either be a girl & girl or boy & boy or girl & boy. A daughter can always be her mother’s dearest friend isn’t. The bond of friendship is build on all unbiased terms.

But if the tables turn and exact reverse of all these terminologies happen.

That’s when all impurities (negativity) creeps in and slowly and gradually starts dissolving this rock solid solute of friendship to an impure solution which further becomes of no use.

The beauty of this takes up an ugly makeover.

That’s when this bond starts rusting….which will thus never be able to regain its originality.

Hatred, jealousy, random fights, trying to hide things, backbitching, backstabbing when all these mean thoughts starts creeping in, the bond of friendship starts breaking and thus will not last for long.

I would like to share one incident which happened with me which I would say was a perfect example of was that person exactly my friend or foe, I couldn’t understand. That person was all goody, chatty, friendly and I suppose used to trust me as well and used to share things with me. I had completed one assignment which was supposed to be submitted soon. That very person stole my assignment and claimed it to be that person’s, worst part was when it was deleted and I couldn’t retrieve it back by any means. I was supposed to take a printout of that assignment from that computer itself, but sadly I couldn’t, actually I never did expect that to happen.

I think there was no friendship as such between you and that person if it suddenly breaks on these silly and mean terms I would say. Dont you think so???

Have your friends all of a sudden started reacting weirdly and then have slowly turn out to be your enemies. Has any such incident happened with you all well??? Then let me know in the comments belowπŸ’¬πŸ’­

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See you all soon in my next postπŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰ Till then take care🌻 everybody and Keep smilingπŸ˜„πŸ’πŸ€

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