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Merry Christmas🎅🎄🎉❄💖

Hello everyone🙌 Hope you all are in good health. The winter holidays have started and thus comes the much awaited celebration – Christmas time has finally arrived yeaaahhh💃💃💃We are just 6 days away from completing this whole decade. Wishing each and everyone of my lovely followers and viewers a Merry Christmas.

Now coming to one of my Christmas story exactly last year on 25th December at night time mom and I decorated the christmas tree, its actually fun to decorate the tree, lighting up the whole tree buying all tiny decorative articles.

Prior to that day we decided to bring christmas tree and decorate it for the first time, so my mother and I didn’t have any idea of how big the tree should be, but when actually brought it to our home decorated it, we realised that the tree was a bit small. But non the less it actually looked very beautiful at night. It was really fun buying all the decorative things and decorating it.

First lets meet the tiny santa at my home.

Have a look at my decoration and tell me how is it???

Do like👍share and comment💬💭 down below. Do let me know in the comment section about any of your Christmas time memory, I would love to read them all.

See you all soon in my next post🙌😉 Till then take care🌻 everybody and Keep smiling😄💐🌹🍀