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Importance of Time🕐⌚⏳⏲🕑

Hello everyone!!! How are you all??? I am back from my short term test exam. Hope you all are doing well!!!

Today’s post is a video post. It’s a short 1 minute 25 seconds video depicting the Importance of Time. Seriously time is a very important factor in everybody’s life. Time wait’s for nobody. We all must learn to value time. Time once gone is gone forever, we all know about this fact.

Keeping the TIME factor in mind one must try to grab the opportunity and make the fullest out of it.

Let’s have a look at the video now –


“Time is money” you all must have heard about this I am sure and that’s what exactly happened with that lazy man. He constantly kept on neglecting and started becoming even more negligent as time passed by. He was so confident that he would surely reach on time but sadly he couldn’t…..Not confident I would say he had become over confident that he will be able to manage time and reach before time to collect the jewels.

Hope everyone liked the share and the message of time management was conveyed well to everybody 😁

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🖼The Picture Says It All🖼

Hello everyone!!! Attention please there is a short task for you guys that is to just carefully observe the following pictures and you yourself will understand this pictorial representation because I know you people are quite intelligent enough😉

Its not always necessary that the path which others choose are always the correct one.

Heading forward blindly with the mob just wont prove a wrong path or decision to be the right one introspect over it for a while and then decide…..

If the path which you choose is different from others dont set a back or backoff instead just set forth and believe yourself be confident enough for your decision, maybe the ones who are yelling at you for taking up a decision which according to their mob mentality is wrong might end up on you choosing the right path and them being wrong.

What title or theme would you suggest for those pictures do let me know this in the comments🗨 below.

Note this my dear readers

I have a short term test not semester exams exactly coming up next week, so wish me luck. I will meet you guys on next Thursday or Friday with a sketch post but if not that then a writeup post for sure👍

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See you all soon in my next post till then take care everybody💖😄🌺🌻

Keep smiling😄😃🌸

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Self Talk To Bring Positive Vibes➕➕

Hello everyone!!!! How are you all??? This is a small self talk session post which I wanted to share with you guys as well. If you are feeling a bit low at this point of time then surely try to observe these pictures. I was feeling a bit low so was just trying to give myself a self pat. I am sure this will bring positive vibes for you as well.



Because this will lead you to nothing as you will just uselessly waste your time. Wake up you are not less then anybody. Do you get that???

Yes now I feel much more confident enough. Do you as well feel so ??? What do you love about yourself ??? Okay so I will start first…..The thing which I love about myself is I always try to remain positive but whenever I feel low I ask this to my own self that what is this happening to me. Trying to find a solution to the problem. Just NEVER GIVE UP!!! I would say…..

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Being headstrong ✌😇✅📹

Always have the utmost faith in your self, come what may, how much ever hardships you may need to face in your life just inner belief and faith will help you to abstain from all the possible difficulties.

Image result for have faith in yourself

This is the basic theme of the video whose link I have shared below. It’s a short 1 minute 22 seconds video just trying to portray the journey of a seed🌱, right from its sowing to becoming a mature plant. The all-green living being who has always given rather than expecting anything from us, it has always given all of us more than our expectations. Just look at the young plant who still stood up all fresh and green even though after facing all the hardships.

We must learn this quality from Nature itself and always try to implement it in our own life.

A beautiful short story of a seed

You guys will also be able to relate with one of my previous posts which is related to inner powers that is knowing your strengths.

The link is given below-

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Smile Please😄😁😀😊

Before we start discussing about our today’s post you guys have a tiny little task to perform, you all must have seen the above picture right??? Also must have got a hint as well. It is simple you just have to SMILE.

Its not a photoshoot though😂😂 but this would have surely helped you all to exercise your cheek muscles a little, this will do no harm to you just will give you a sense of relief.

Sometimes by just baring a smile on your face and heading with a positive attitude makes our lives, I will not say a way more simpler but would surely make it a bit simpler.

If in case you are disheartened due to somebody’s behaviour towards you, the best way to answer that person would be to bare a smile on your face by not uttering a single word as sometimes –

Actions or gestures speak louder then words

It is true that by just keeping a smile on your face will do no harm to you instead the troublesome person whosoever is in front of you would be in a state of confusion wondering that why did my statement not affect him/her.

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See you all soon in my next post🙌😉 Till then take care🌻 everybody and keep smiling😄💐🍀

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Sketch #11

Hello my lovely viewers🙋🌻 How are you all!!! Hope that everyone is in good health. A very warm welcome to everybody. As the title reads its a sketch post. This is my first sketch post this year. Hope you all would love it and would share your beautiful comments on my upcoming sketches as well the same ways you all showered your love on my previous 10 set of sketches

So here I am up with my next sketch that is Sketch number 11.

Here is the sketch 🌼💐🌼

The Elf on the Moon

Hope you all liked it. There are many more sketches coming up soon…

This time I have tried to make some different sketches then my previous sketches.

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See you all soon in my next post🙌😉 Till then take care🌻 everybody and keep smiling😄💐🍀

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Magic Mantras💖

Helloo everyone🙋 anybody needs a basic mind refreshing motivation then quickly read all the quotes and thoughts below👇 this will surely help you to pump up ur energy level😄

Basic rules one must keep in mind in today’s world😁

Do like👍 share and comment down and let me know in the comments below who else needed this basic motivation which we often tend to forget.

See you all soon in my next post till then take care everybody😀💖🌻🌼🌹💐

Keep smiling😄

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That Monday alert alarm!!! Ohh god😣

Ohh No Sunday fun day is over😕 So quick Why???? How????? Okay lets take a minute for self realisation😌

Lets take a deep breathe I guess this year 2020 has seriously got some secret wings every day is getting over so quickly😅

This is the time when I start experiencing this 👇

This is what exactly happens with me from friday night till sunday morning its all chill for just 2 days I literally get zoned out of my college atmosphere having good family time then all of a sudden I get a text from my college group saying that tomorrow is the last day for submission of some assignment or experiment. Ohhhh God!!!!😥😤😣

Then this is the only motivation that I give it to myself is 👇

This was a small scenario of my engineering college life😂 there are many more such short routines which happen in my life which is funny and sometimes a kind of stressfull as well. After this comes the monday morning alarm, much more irritating than this.

Actually this was just a random post which I thought of sharing it with you all as soon as I received a reminder on my college chat group.

So anyways here I take a leave, off I go to complete my assignments😣 See you all soon in my next post🙋 Till then take care everybody😄💖🌼🌻 Hope you all have a beautiful week.

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