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That Monday alert alarm!!! Ohh god😣

Ohh No Sunday fun day is over😕 So quick Why???? How????? Okay lets take a minute for self realisation😌

Lets take a deep breathe I guess this year 2020 has seriously got some secret wings every day is getting over so quickly😅

This is the time when I start experiencing this 👇

This is what exactly happens with me from friday night till sunday morning its all chill for just 2 days I literally get zoned out of my college atmosphere having good family time then all of a sudden I get a text from my college group saying that tomorrow is the last day for submission of some assignment or experiment. Ohhhh God!!!!😥😤😣

Then this is the only motivation that I give it to myself is 👇

This was a small scenario of my engineering college life😂 there are many more such short routines which happen in my life which is funny and sometimes a kind of stressfull as well. After this comes the monday morning alarm, much more irritating than this.

Actually this was just a random post which I thought of sharing it with you all as soon as I received a reminder on my college chat group.

So anyways here I take a leave, off I go to complete my assignments😣 See you all soon in my next post🙋 Till then take care everybody😄💖🌼🌻 Hope you all have a beautiful week.

Do like👍share and comment💬 down your own stressful or irritating alarm that you often receive on your chat box which you dont wish to do😂😂

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