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Being headstrong βœŒπŸ˜‡βœ…πŸ“Ή

Always have the utmost faith in your self, come what may, how much ever hardships you may need to face in your life just inner belief and faith will help you to abstain from all the possible difficulties.

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This is the basic theme of the video whose link I have shared below. It’s a short 1 minute 22 seconds video just trying to portray the journey of a seed🌱, right from its sowing to becoming a mature plant. The all-green living being who has always given rather than expecting anything from us, it has always given all of us more than our expectations. Just look at the young plant who still stood up all fresh and green even though after facing all the hardships.

We must learn this quality from Nature itself and always try to implement it in our own life.

A beautiful short story of a seed

You guys will also be able to relate with one of my previous posts which is related to inner powers that is knowing your strengths.

The link is given below-

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16 thoughts on “Being headstrong βœŒπŸ˜‡βœ…πŸ“Ή

      1. Complications in every living thing’s life keeps on varying in case of plants they encounter climatic changes challenges and we humans face different set of problems.
        Deep down the fact is everyone should stay strong in any kind of difficulties😁

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