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🖼The Picture Says It All🖼

Hello everyone!!! Attention please there is a short task for you guys that is to just carefully observe the following pictures and you yourself will understand this pictorial representation because I know you people are quite intelligent enough😉

Its not always necessary that the path which others choose are always the correct one.

Heading forward blindly with the mob just wont prove a wrong path or decision to be the right one introspect over it for a while and then decide…..

If the path which you choose is different from others dont set a back or backoff instead just set forth and believe yourself be confident enough for your decision, maybe the ones who are yelling at you for taking up a decision which according to their mob mentality is wrong might end up on you choosing the right path and them being wrong.

What title or theme would you suggest for those pictures do let me know this in the comments🗨 below.

Note this my dear readers

I have a short term test not semester exams exactly coming up next week, so wish me luck. I will meet you guys on next Thursday or Friday with a sketch post but if not that then a writeup post for sure👍

Do like👍 share and let me know in the comments 🗨 below about your thoughts on these pictures and suggest a title for them.

See you all soon in my next post till then take care everybody💖😄🌺🌻

Keep smiling😄😃🌸