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Environment Day Each Day #3 🌱🌳🌴🌿

Helllooo people🙋🙋!!! How are you all??? Hope everyone us in good health.

Month January February reminder done I hope that you all must be continuing your practice… all must be thinking about which reminder am I talking about.

Okay then I will help you to recall – You guys remember we had taken a pledge for taking care of our environment in as much as ways possible.

Quickly go through these posts you guys will recollect about the concept of celebrating Environment Day Each Day.

Environment Day Each Day #1

Environment Day Each Day #2

So today’s theme of Nature care is Saving Water💧

Water is a very essential element of one’s life, be it we humans, plants, animals or any other living beings on this planet earth🌍 Everybody needs it!!!! Hence we must learn to save it from before we encounter any worst case scenario.

We calling ourselves to be as intelligent humans (developed apes) have upgraded ourselves to satisfy our needs but we still continue to behave like apes as we do not want to keep the water clean.

We humans can act and react right??? We have got brain but we only use it for our own needs without being bothered about others.

As we can save water for ourselves use containers or bottles to preserve it, use purifies or various chemicals to make it clean and drinkable but then what about whose other living creatures on this planet??? Who remain helpless as they are not that developed or smart enough to make water clean and drinkable for themselves😔 Do we think about them even for a second????

Lets just not think about ourselves for a while and just focus on keeping it clean or atleast making it clean.

By the word others I meant Animals

By polluting the rivers, oceans and seas we harm the aquatic lives as well.

Why are we being so selfish????

Dont forget to water your plants in your surroundings and give water to the animals and birds as well. As they too need clean water to grow and quench their thirst.

Dont forget the pledge….I hope you all liked the share😊

Do like👍, share and comment down below. See you all soon in the next post till then Take care, everybody😁😉. Keep smiling😊💖✨🌹