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Learn to embrace your own skin

Hello everyone!!!!

Straight away coming to the topic before that – Give yourself a tight hug

Because you are beautiful and you know that

Because you are talented and you know that

Just self realise is a matter which you don’t know and you are trying to neglect it

Lets see the conversation of two super girls and learn how she makes her realise her inner beauty

Julie: Ohh my dear why you so sad???

Sara: I dont look beautiful my friend I am black and ugly and I just hate myself for that why god made me like this

Julie: Why are you saying like that dear???

Sara: I wish to take part in the beauty contest but if I do so people will laugh at me because I am ugly that makes me sad😢

Julie: You are beautiful and graceful

What blacks what whites what beauties what uglies

The word ugly would turn out to be meaningless to you

You wont ever feel that this sort of word exists

As we should try to understand that beauty comes from within💖💖🌹🌹

Embrace your own skin

Your talent is your beauty

Use your talent and defeat all the other external beauties show them that you are proud of your skin

Be bold and that makes you beautiful💖😍💖

We must not distinguish ourselves from others in respect to our skin because all those are external beautifying characteristics which will change some or the other day but your talent will remain with you forever😄


“Beautiful you today, tomorrow and everyday” and also remember this 👇

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