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Water says💧 “Dont worry I will help you all”💧

Hello everybody🙋 How are you all??? Did you all read the title, read it carefully??? It says that water will always help each one of us not only today but in the near future as well and has always been helping us.

Every little drop is ready to help us

Before that coming to asking about your whereabouts…. Hope you all are in good health staying fit and safe and most important factor is washing your hands properly and staying neat and clean and I hope mostly everyone is at homes as of now.

Okay so before we proceed futher reading let me tell you all that here I have characterised water as a female character, also note not being a feminist or something, I am just trying to personify it for a better understanding.

Scenes towards…..
(After the spread of the virus)

A drop of water💧 conversing with another drop of water💧:

Lets hear their conversation…..

Ohh my god everybody is in danger, we must go and help them out, they all need our help!!!

Water to the rescue

Heard she is selflessly doing her duty and what are we doing???
Now its our turn to save her show some respect towards her and not let her down. When she is ready to help us under any condition then why arn’t we doing like her.

As since many many decades every tiny little drop of water has always promised us to quench our thirst and wash away every little dirt on our body.

Its not just because there is a virus alert in the whole world so we are constantly washing our hands, we must continue this practice always.

But midst all the process of cleaning our hands with soaps or hand wash we must totally not forget to respect her as well. Its very simple people just dont waste it by keeping the tap open while washing hands.

Every drop of water is worth a penny

Wasting water is a crime and nobody wishes to be called as a criminal.

We all are handling soaps, liquid soaps, sanitizers, face masks, with utmost care and paying any sum of money but then what about water??? Whose price in reality is to the power infinity. Nobody is thinking about her amids all the mishap.

So it must be a primary duty of each and every individual to save water
Because if we dont do it now, it will be too late. Start it from today itself wash your hands properly but also remember to save water as well.

We you guys too promise to save water then do comment a 💙 in the comments section below.

Also don’t forget to follow these steps to wash your hands….

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Be safe and keep smiling everybody😄💖🌸🌺🌻🙌