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Craving for Peace of Mind

Hello everybody!!! Hope you all are safe and sound, keeping in good health staying fit and safe and most important factor is washing your hands properly, staying neat and clean and staying at home.

Coming to today’s topic it says craving for peace of mind. Its true we all often crave for peace of mind but we fail to understand that it is in our own hands. Just perfect utilisation of your time can heal your headache.

I can not keep my mind stable, I am in a mess, I am getting irritated, I feel like crying these all are some signs portraying your stability of mind. I happened sometimes I am not denying the fact.

Thats a 100% true fact because 24×7 we keep on doing some or the other thing everyday and keep ourselves preoccupied and then we complain that I am suffering from a headache again we fail to understand the reason behind that and take a medicine instead.

Actually headache is an indication of resting our mind.

We give rest to our body by but what about our mind??? Best way is to meditate or do yoga or some exercise which not only energizes your body but also refreshes your mind or just go and have a sound sleep.

Peace of mind can not be purchased from some store neither it comes in some form of a tonic or medicines.
Its seriously in our own hands….

Just banging our head or screamming will not bring in peace. We need to learn to stay calm.

The more tension or stress we take the more we keep on exerting our mind. Let our mind sometimes stay in peace too.

The day we realise to stay calm we will no more need any headache pills to cease that pain.

Same ways during these days of epidemic outbreak we need to stay calm first then secondly and most important stay at home and third point don’t panic please.

The more we panic the more we are giving stress to our minds. In order to stay calm close your eyes take deep breath then slowly open your eyes and think peacefully about your tasks you will start getting solutions to your problems.

Peaceful minds leads healthy body thus giving a fruitful result….its a simple cycle!!

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Be safe and keep smiling everybody😄💖🌸🌺🌻🙌