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Cut Copy Paste

Cut copy paste one of the most easiest, less effort and stress less task which one can perform isn’t it??? It would be wrong if I consider it to be as total zero efforts taken because to cut….copy and then pasting it also takes atleast 30 seconds of your time. So the best adjective would be least efforts and that would suite it definately😂

In computers it happens even more faster, as its simply either copy and paste (Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V) or cut and paste (Ctrl + X then Ctrl + V). Now here this saves more 15 seconds of your life😂😂 Big advantage what else do you need now???

Even while saying it goes in sync. Cut Copy Paste All in same phase!!

Okay sorry 😂😂 now no more making fun of this task – cut copy paste. As it has actually helped all of us a lot many times especially when we are in a haste, to complete our work faster.

Till the time you carry out these steps for your own task its absolutely alright but the very moment you do this with someone else’s task its equivalent to committing a big crime. In local language if said it is termed as copy. You are a copycat is the tease used for a person who is super lazy and ultimately only relies on copying.

The perfect term for this would be plagiarism.

Why not to come up with your own content, we all have got brains right??? Then why not to use it.
Simply stealing somebody’s matter and claiming it to be their own work will not help you in long run. This thing has sadly happened with me as well, my content was been copied and I was given zero credits for that.

How long will you do this? Today tomorrow and day after…. just not using your brain at all will led to rusting (not to take the literal meaning of this).

Ever thought if you are questioned then what will be your answer to it??? If you totally dont use your brain then how will you get to know about your hidden talents?? That is a 110% correct and I am sure you too agree with this that nobody is born without any talent.

I have heard about this that its not only in the case of humans but also in birds….a crow never ever builds its own nest, instead it believes in stealing some other bird’s nest and claims it to be as her own nest….yes I have heard that.

Readymade nest seriously how can someone be so super lazy??? Also just let me know in the comments below whether this fact is true or not.

All efforts and hardwork will never go waste if you do it all by ourself, instead it will give you a sense of relief and satisfaction and offcourse you will feel proud of yourself.

Do like👍, share and comment down below. See you all soon in my next post till then Take care, everybody😁😉.

Keep smiling everybody😊💖✨🌹