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At this very Moment, at Different places….

At this very moment at different places….

Although we all might not experience it or see it together but there is some or the other vivid happenings taking place around the globe.

Although every continent’s timings wont match but the moment would.

Likewise every moment there is shifting of tectonic plates taking place. Everywhere there is some or the other event happening. At some places it might be day while at some places it might be night time.

At the same time some people are experiencing the happiest moments of their life while some might be experiencing the worst and the saddest moments of their life. Somewhere at this moment an infant must have taken birth whereas at some place a person must have returned to dust.

Its just like a see saw sometimes high up in the air living the most beautiful moments and sometimes down depressed and heartbroken.

Just try not to neglect or waste your current happy moments. It might help us to add on some of the most memorable moments of our life.

Lets try to enjoy every tiny little episode of happy moment we come across in our lives. Just try to find out the goodness in every aspect.

We must learn to live in the moment.

When would sadness abruptly enter in our life that we may never know but the ways to stay happy is in our own hands.

Stay happy….Stay positive….Lets make the most of our time.

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