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Please Don’t harm them πŸ•πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ†

Hello everybodyπŸ™‹!!! Hope you all are keeping in good health, staying fit and most importantly washing your hands properly, staying neat & clean and staying safe wherever you are.

So our today’s topic of discussion is – you must have read the title and it pretty much makes it clear just that it is regarding inhuman, ill treatment towards the innocent animals.

Cruelty towards any animal can be the worst ever sin a human can ever commit in his/her life.

Its easy to call them stray and shooo them away just because they live on streets they look ugly you feel like ughhh!!! Its just because there is nobody to take care of them, they are helpless. If you stay for a month on the streets without any basic luxury in your life you too would turn like them. Its just because we know how to take care of ourselves else even we would be claimed as homeless.

I mean comm’on if you dont like them then move away dont look at them act as if you have not seen them at all and step back. There are some humans who still exists and have some amount of humanity left, they will look after them you dont worry about that but for god’s sake please dont try to harm them.

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Being scared of dogs and harming them are totally two different things. They will try to bite you only if you harm them else why will a dog go mad unless you try to poke them unnecessarily. Throwing stones at them just for amusment, well are they a joke to you???

Arn’t they breathing just the way you are???

You are not a 3 yr old kid that your mum will come running behind you scholding that oh my dear child please dont throw stones/pebbles on dogs.

Just because they can not speak or express in any human verbal language that does mean they don’t get hurt, they too get hurt!!!

We humans have crossed all levels of selfishness. How can we even forget that there are other living creatures on this planet earth as well why do we try to raid their privacy.

May it be a bird, animal, aquatic animal, insect, creepy crawly or any tiny living organism on this planet.

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Each every creature deserves freedom, love and respect.

Just imagine you are being prohibited or deprived from maybe drinking water or eating food then what would be your first reaction??? Undoubtedly we humans will start gathering on streets and start protesting against withdrawal of basic human rights and try to seek justice using all man made laws and customs which are not so surprisingly made for only humans. If this same scenario happens with an animal then where is the concept of justice for them. Why all of a sudden the word justice vanishes for them. What about their tears which go misheard????

Photo by Stephan Streuders on

It is so obvious of us to associate a word jungle/wild preceding the word animal when apparently I would say it should be used before humans as we are not behaving less than a wild human being.

The only thing which they lack is (pure) human brains but it still doesn’t matter as it is all overcomed by their pure hearts the trust, love that they shower on us which we humans dont deserve. Being human beings we lack this fact, as we love ourselves so much that we forget about others.

Always try to relate what ever acts you are performing on those animals to your own self then you will realise the actual pain.

Please try to be kind to each and every creature living on this earth. They too are a part of this eco system not only us.

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Be safe and keep smiling everybodyπŸ˜„πŸ’–πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒ»

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18 thoughts on “Please Don’t harm them πŸ•πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ†

      1. Be the change you want to see in the world as Mahatma Ghandi has said…
        Β Β  Sending prayers of peace , prosperity , love and justice to the world including all creatures …

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  1. We should not mistreat animals. But I do not put them on the same level as humans, neither do I think that mistreating animals is the worst evil. I think mistreating humans is the worst evil, assuming there is a hierarchy of evil. Passionate post, I can see that you love animals.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Actually sir I would say mistreating humans and animals both are considered to be as evil
      As nobody on this earth has got any rights to trouble any living being unnecessarily
      My this post was actually about only animals so they were my main focus in this postπŸ˜„ but on the other note nobody should be mistreated I agree to this!!

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      1. When we treat animals well , we are treating ourselves well because tjey are part of universal consciousness and life balance. ..
        God would protect those who help animals …Whether true or not , I read a post that someone who offered a hungry cat with its kittens some food to eat , has had one of his close relatives cured and healed to be taken out from hospital after recovering …Animals pray to the divine because they are divinely created …
        God forgive us if we humans have wronged animals and guide us to mercy and compassion…

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  2. It’s high time we humans learn to respect and co-exist. Also, this line – β€œEach every creature deserves freedom, love and respect.” I couldn’t agree with you more on it, ManjulπŸ‘

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  3. Recent days, the people behaviour towards animal is going beyond the limit, a guy feeding grapes to dog and an elephant is killed and a cat was strangled and killed in a live video, the way dark people think clearly shows one thing, they are mentally having issues, and these people should be locked, they have no right to freedom. Love animals, Love human being, because of few brain dead people, entire human race is ashamed!

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