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The moment you are certified!!💐

Hello everybody🙋!!! Hope you all are keeping in good health, staying fit and most importantly washing your hands properly, staying neat & clean and staying safe wherever you are.

So our today’s topic of discussion you guys must have read the title already it says : The Moment you are certified!!! Let me highlight the key points in this post for your better understanding: Certification, Sense of responsibility. The basic concept of this post is a person with a academic certificate and a person without one. Just keep on reading this post till the end you will get to know what am I trying to convey exactly….

Congratulations you have been awarded with a trophy on securing a 1st prize in the competition!!!

Till date we all must have been felicitated by some or the other rewards, you might have received it in form of a certificate or a medal or a trophy on completion of your degree or course or on participating or winning in any competition.

When you receive a certificate its a matter of pride but along with that it also becomes your duty or I would say responsibility to live upto that mark.

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If under any circumstance you are unable to fulfill your duties then YOU are at a loss, it will do no harm to others.

Considering a scenario at your job/workplace, your boss or head will not even take a single minute to sack you out of the office as why would he be at a loss or waste his time he would rather recruite somebody else better.

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Because with that same degree/certificate there are 100s of other people standing outside in a queue. Its a matter of competition. I would also not say that all 100 of them would be super efficient at their work and would do total justice to their achievement(degree) but few of them your surely do.

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Not giving justice to your degree is as good as you being without that degree.

Then the reality of you being certified just remains a piece of paper that can be achieved by everybody but can only be implied by few bodies by that I meant human beings.

It will only remain a piece of paper if you are unable to apply your knowledge.

Remember you have received that certificate only because you worked hard for it, you have put in your efforts, it was your passion if during the completion of the course you were not sincere in learning you just did it for the sake of just receiving/collecting certificates then it goes without saying you surely wont obtain better results and ultimately you will sit down cribbing.

I would say invest your time in what you like instead of simply wasting your time.

A person who has not acquired that degree but has that same amount of knowledge would be claimed as much better knowledgeable person than you. Just the sad part is, that person is not having that specific degree.

A person must be judged on the basis of his/her knowledge instead of blindly judging a person on the basis of their certificate

Although I am not saying that certification is not important at all, but would be much valued if you have that skill and you are properly able to reciprocate that knowledge acquired along with that certificate then only you can claim yourself to be as certified student of that degree.

You guys too must have surely seen such special characters either in your school or at your job/workplace who for name sake have a degree but when it comes to work they are unable to do. I hope you guys must have found it quiet relatable after reading the whole post.

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