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Thank you emojis😄💐!!!

Hello everybody!!! Hope you all are keeping in good health, staying fit and most importantly washing your hands properly, staying neat & clean and staying safe wherever you are.

Lets take a minute to thank those little yellow headed faces,  who have always helped us to express our emotions to some extent and has let us ease our conversations. They actually play an important role in our day to day conversation. It is the most easiest way now to express our emotions quicker.

Nowadays a sentence without them looks dull or emotionless. I guess you know what I am talking about and the title itself lets you know about whats the topic of today’s discussion. They are non other than the cute little Emojis. Yesterday that is 17th of July is the day celebrated as The World Emoji Day. Now there is a possibility of some of them who are aware about this and sum might not be.

So through today’s post lets get to know more about them today –

1. Now we know when is it celebrated lets get to know why is it celebrated on 17th of July?

Answer: As 17th July is famously displayed on the  calender emoji that is the reason this date is choosen.

2. In which was it started in the terms of celebration?

Answer: It started in the year 2014 by Jeremy Burge who is the founder of Emojipedia.

3. Who invented emoji?

Answer: Shigetaka Kurita was the man who invented emoji

4. How many emojis are there?

Answer: There are 3,304 emojis as of March 2020

5. Who was the first country to use emoji sets on mobile phones?

Answer: Japan

6. Which is the most popular emoji on social media?

Answer: 😂(Face with tears of joy)(this is the one which we all frequently use)

7. Which is the least popular emoji?

Answer: (Input symbol for Latin letters)

Now to get to know more about each and every emoji and the latest news about them refer to the site named Emojipedia.

Let me know in the comments below which emoji is your favourite one or which emojis do you use often.

I am also not saying that every emotion can be properly conveyed through just typing a sentence as verbal face to face conversation is always better but they still help us to communicate to some extend.

Let me know your views in the comments section below

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See you all soon in my next post till then Take care everybody

Be safe and keep smiling everybody

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