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Mom/Dad you won’t understand!!!

Hello everybody🙋!!! Hope you all are keeping in good health and are staying safe wherever you are.

So coming back to our today’s topic it say: Mom/Dad you won’t understand. Just by reading the topic it seems like there is a child who is frustrated a lot screams at his parents saying that they won’t understand his/her situation as according to him/her its not a cup of tea for them or would say he/she does not wish to give any explanation to the current situation he/her is facing in his/her life. So its better not to involve our parents.

But one thing which we all forget is that as time passes by we grow up becoming young and beautiful. We start becoming independant. Overall we start taking up our own decisions in almost all aspects of our life. In some cases we start living our life away from our parent’s home. We start getting self centered and we totally get engrossed in our own life.

Then slowly the existence of our parents starts fading away for us. But why does that happen? We feel that they won’t understand our situation or will not be able to help us. But why do we even think like that?

What happens after we come out of our teenage phase? Why do we start neglected or start hiding away our situations from them?

We ourselves start assuming that they won’t understand, but why do we even assume like that? Now for instance if we are stuck in a problematic situation and we are unable to find a solution to tackle that situation. Now during this phase you will find two types of people.

Case 1: A child who feels that their parents will not understand or are incapable of understanding what he is going through in his life.

Case 2: A child who feels that why to bother my parents now and then, I don’t want my parents to get stressed and fall sick because of me I will try to handle it all by myself.

In case 2 the child is really concerned about his parent’s health for him his parents are his priority hence he calmly does his work so does not wishes to bother them by saying his problem but in case 1 the opposite of this happens the child is only concerned about himself, he shouts, screams, cries and troubles himself and his parents as well.

I would say both of them are not going it correctly. See in case 1 what if a situation arises where you are badly trapped in someone’s evil plan then what will you do? and in case 2 a frustrated child may end up losing his life.

So both the situations are not happening the only thing that we as a child need to do is to talk, speak up and let our parents know our situation.

By saying all this I am just trying to highlight that share your problems with your parents first. I know we first try to share our problems with our friends first, you may continue doing that but there is a possibility that they might judge you but your parents won’t. Share your smallest feelings with your parents first. Make them an essential part of your life not neglect them.

Just look at our mother for the whole 9 months we are in her womb. She never felt irritated or neglected us for any damn reason. She goes through a lot of pain but never ever lets her child feel that pain. She always took utmost care of us and it was only possible because of her that we are now living in this world. She must have shared her happiness with us when we were not even born.

Without her we would have not even existed today. Then when we are born our father play a very very important role in our childhood.

But we are forgetting a point that whatever we are right now was only possible because of them.

They are the only two living beings on this planet who no matter whatsoever happens will always have our back from the moment we are born. Its just that we are neglecting this fact.

There is no other safe and secure place than our parents home.

There is an old saying that – god cannot be present everywhere so he created mothers which is very true.

So remember never ever –

‘Underestimate the power of your parents’

As they will always understand you and will never judge you. Its okay we all have different difficult life situations but we have our parents they will be ever ready to help us to tackle problems. Just say it and you will feel better and will surely come out of that situation. Yaa it is possible that they may get angry at you but they will surely understand and help you.

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