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Conclusion Before Introspection👩‍⚖️

Hello everyone!!!! How are you all??? Today’s post is a short 3 minutes 42 seconds video post.

Today’ s short video which I am sharing I came across today itself so thought of sharing it with you all as well.

The theme of the video is Titled : Too quick to judge

It’s very true that we humans are very quick in passing out judgement(s), without even knowing the real fact behind the situation. Out of angry we blurt out thinks without knows the facts deep down.

Are we a judge at Supreme Court or High Court or any other court!! No then why are we judging a person and doing their job??? Who are we to judge a person so quickly???

First try to learn about the reason behind that condition, just bursting out your anger and saying what ever comes to your mouth wont prove you right.

Know before you say anything!!! Else you yourself will be termed as dumb headed. As you did jump to conclusions before introspecting.

I found this video to be quite touching, as how the sweet girl who is silently doing her work gets easily judged by a passerby, without even knowing the fact that why didn’t she reply to the comment given by that person.

Seen the video??? That’s so true that – A book must not be judged by its cover. Before passing out comments just try to get to know about the concepts explained by the book.

The same thing happened with that boy after saying anything about her without knowing the fact that she could not hear…..

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Importance of Time🕐⌚⏳⏲🕑

Hello everyone!!! How are you all??? I am back from my short term test exam. Hope you all are doing well!!!

Today’s post is a video post. It’s a short 1 minute 25 seconds video depicting the Importance of Time. Seriously time is a very important factor in everybody’s life. Time wait’s for nobody. We all must learn to value time. Time once gone is gone forever, we all know about this fact.

Keeping the TIME factor in mind one must try to grab the opportunity and make the fullest out of it.

Let’s have a look at the video now –


“Time is money” you all must have heard about this I am sure and that’s what exactly happened with that lazy man. He constantly kept on neglecting and started becoming even more negligent as time passed by. He was so confident that he would surely reach on time but sadly he couldn’t…..Not confident I would say he had become over confident that he will be able to manage time and reach before time to collect the jewels.

Hope everyone liked the share and the message of time management was conveyed well to everybody 😁

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Being headstrong ✌😇✅📹

Always have the utmost faith in your self, come what may, how much ever hardships you may need to face in your life just inner belief and faith will help you to abstain from all the possible difficulties.

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This is the basic theme of the video whose link I have shared below. It’s a short 1 minute 22 seconds video just trying to portray the journey of a seed🌱, right from its sowing to becoming a mature plant. The all-green living being who has always given rather than expecting anything from us, it has always given all of us more than our expectations. Just look at the young plant who still stood up all fresh and green even though after facing all the hardships.

We must learn this quality from Nature itself and always try to implement it in our own life.

A beautiful short story of a seed

You guys will also be able to relate with one of my previous posts which is related to inner powers that is knowing your strengths.

The link is given below-

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