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Deciding your Priorities

Hello everybody๐Ÿ™‹!!! Hope you all are keeping in good health and are staying safe wherever you are.

Coming to our today’s topic it say: Deciding your Priorities. That means learning / knowing how to prioritize your own things. The term priority means to dedicate our own precious time to anything that can be a person whom you want to address first or completing the work assigned to you first. Inshort we must know whom to give importance first or to give prior attention to in accordance with our time. Here the word time is of great importance.

We all know we live in a super busy world although in the past few months everything was stand still, we had actually started learning how to utilize our time in a productive way by either upgrading our skills in terms of knowledge, cooking, or spending time with our family or discovering our other hidden talents but now with every day passing by we are slowly getting back to our normal busy lives similar to those days before the pandemic. Some through digital medium and some by physically being present at their workplace.

Amidst this we must learn how to keep a proper balance between our working time and me/family time for that prioritizing your things in respect to time is a must.

We know sometimes we keep on jiggling between two or more tasks because for us both the tasks are equally important and then that’s the reason we are not able to give proper attention or justice to both the tasks.

This not just happens with you, I too face such super confused situations wherein I am not able to decide which one to start with first. I mean it is so confusing that I end up doing nothing๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ that thinking process of what to do first is so irritating then eventually I pick up my phone and start scrolling random stuffs on internet and then that’s where our whole time gets wasted.

Then next day I end up making an early morning time table for myself that what all things I need to do for the entire day in specific time slots, but that plan as well does not work out.

This is exactly that is happening with me right now.

But why is this happening like that its just because we were in a holiday mood for a very long time from our college/office work and now when we are going back to normal we are not able to fit in our previous hectic lives.

Presently we all are struggling in this situation, well it was good for those who didn’t mess up their previous routine schedule. Don’t worry everything will be well set as before and you will smoothly get used to your previous routine.

We just need to keep in mind that we must have proper sleep at night as well as fixed time for our meals. Never skip your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s because if we eat properly then only we will be able to reciprocate in proper manner.

It will take time to again adjust with our previous work schedule but it will happen.

Don’t miss out spending your time with your family just the way you were doing during the lockdown days.

It is YOU who has to decide which work is important and needs to be done right away. I am a student in accordance with my situation I will explain that all the task which is a bit difficult as well as time consuming much be given priority first where you are given a deadline or not such tasks must be completed first then comes in easier or simpler tasks.

Why am I saying this I will explain as in the first half of our day we are all fresh but after the lunch time we all feel a little bit lazy I am sure you won’t deny this fact๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ now since many of them are working from home it is quite obvious to feel a little lazy after we have our food but as I said it will take time but we all will get adapted to our previous routine. It just depends on how we segregate our entire day on what all we need to work upon.

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